North Atlantic Treaty Organisation says Turkey 'valued ally'

According to the Turkish embassy in Washington DC, Ugurlu did not report for questioning when summoned by Ankara.

Putin gave his support to Turkey over the coup attempt and said he stood by the elected government, offering his condolences to the victims of the failed coup.

He has requested asylum from USA authorities, it added, without giving its source.

Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag recently said anti-American feeling among Turks was on the rise and "turning into hatred" and could only be calmed by the United States extraditing Gulen.

Ugurlu had not been heard from since July 22 when he left the base, Anadolu said.

The Turkish official said two other lower-level officers had also been summoned to return to Turkey from the United States. "One of them has gone back, and the other will go back shortly".

Turkey, which has NATO's second largest armed forces and aspires to membership in the European Union, has discharged thousands of soldiers and about 40 percent of its military's generals since the coup attempt.

The mission in Norfolk, where Ugurlu was assigned, is North America's only NATO command.

Ugurlu was posted in a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation base in Virginia at the time of the attempted coup.

US Navy Lieutenant Commander Karen Eifert, the Norfolk NATO mission spokeswoman, praised Turkish NATO personnel and Ankara's contribution to the fight against Daesh. She says, "NATO counts on the continued contributions of Turkey, and Turkey can count on the solidarity and support of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation". Eifert did not comment on the asylum request.

In its report. Reuters is quoting US officials who said that "a rear admiral was seeking asylum", but did not reveal his name. "There has been no impact on the implementation of NATO-led operations and missions or on the work of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation commands".

  • Jon Douglas