Bethesda not keen on Skyrim or Fallout movie adaptations

With that in mind it is likely that the developers don't have a solid concept of what "Elder Scrolls VI" might be and the rumors of the game taking place in Argonia or across the entirety of Tamriel have no solid basis. On his official Twitter account, Hines clarified that although the game may not be in development as of the moment, they are in fact going to "make it eventually".

The game developers did not want to spend too much time on remasters, Hines explained. That statement isn't totally clear, however. It could be that pre-production, but not full production is underway.

According to Hines, the game is not being developed now. This is not confirmed, however. Perhaps that's why Bethesda Game Studios is so hesitant to bring its more popular titles to a multiplex near you. The studio has always been relucent to do so but has revealed that one director could probably persuade them to give such a project the green light. "Morrowind" is also on its 14th year, which made it hard for them to recreate with their older game engines.

Hines went on to say that he doesn't question director Todd Howard when he talks about what game he wants to make next. Whether that's trying to capture video or trying to put together a demo: "it's an additional ask above and beyond just working on the game". Given how Bethesda works day and night to develop games, did Hines implied getting irked about queries on the "The Elder Scrolls VI?" He's since walked back that comment, however.

"I should have never said a number because we have so many things. You could add it up in different ways", he said in an interview. Howard also told Gamespot that following the success of Fallout Shelter, Bethesda plans to work on future mobile games. Additionally, a new Elder Scrolls spinoff game, The Elder Scrolls Legends, is coming out for mobile devices and PC later this year.

Why then, following the global box office success of the Warcraft movie, haven't we seen big screen adaptations of game giants Elder Scrolls and Fallout?

"We're exploring some things [in VR]".

Hines revealed that they have lifted the NDA for those in the closed beta.

  • Angelo Rivera