Patrick Hickey 'temporarily' stands down from Olympic roles

President of the Olympic Council of Ireland, Pat Hickey, was questioned by Brazilian police for several hours last night, however the OCI says it's still trying to confirm reports that Mr Hickey has been denied bail in Brazil.

Adams clarified that 700 tickets earmarked for the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) were at issue, less than the 1,000 he had mentioned on Wednesday. "Let's wait to see what to see what charges are even made yet".

Kevin James Mallon is suspected to have illegally sold at least 800 entry tickets.

The Rio Times reported that Hickey tried to sell tickets stamped as "being given to the OCI".

Irish man Kevin Mallon, a director of United Kingdom sports hospitality company THG, and a translator were arrested earlier this month in Rio and about 800 tickets seized, some of which came from the OCI's allocation.

Police said Ireland's Olympic body helped transfer tickets to an unauthorized vendor who would set high fees and disguise the transaction as a hospitality package.

"We found out that the Irish Olympic Committee ended up facilitating the ticket scalping scheme".

The authorised Irish ticket reseller Pro 10 Sports Management also said it supports calls for a judge-led probe. The Dublin-based organization said it will "cooperate fully" with a non-statutory government inquiry at home into the scandal.

"Notwithstanding, PRO10 utterly rejects any insinuation that they have been involved in selling tickets at inflated prices, ticket touting or scalping".

Following the International Boxing Association dropping a number of their officials, Adams admitted if evidence was provided of wrongdoing by the referees, the IOC would take the allegations 'very seriously'.

Mr Ross said he had not yet spoken to the Taoiseach about the controversy, but he had discussed the controversy with senior officials.

Fianna Fáil's Timmy Dooley said Mr Hickey's arrest was "a seriously worrying development".

"It is important to acknowledge that OCI is in receipt of state funding".

When asked if the International Olympic Committee would be providing legal representation for Mr Hickey, Mr Adams again insisted it was a matter for the OCI.

It is understood Mr Hickey will be replaced as president of the European Olympic Committees by his deputy, Janez Kocijancic. "Until then, the presumption of innocence prevails".

  • Angelo Rivera