With score evened, McGregor wants Diaz in lightweight match

After falling to him in March when Diaz only had 10 days to prepare for the fight, McGregor was obsessed with avenging the defeat so he immediately asked for another chance.

The featherweight champion of the world avenged his stunning loss to Nate Diaz in the early hours of the morning at UFC 202.

Mixed martial arts superstar Conor McGregor has secured a thrilling victory over Nate Diaz in their rematch at UFC 202 in Las Vegas.

The previous record was held by Brock Lesnar, who received $2.5 million for his heavyweight encounter against Mark Hunt this past July.

No matter what's next for McGregor and Diaz, both made it abundantly clear when they touch the Octagon it's definitely must-see TV.

Diaz came close to finishing it in the third but McGregor somehow stayed on his feet despite a series of heavy blows.

In doing so, McGregor becomes the first UFC fighter to earn a post-fight bonus in seven consecutive fights. Only this time, instead of trying to end the fight in the middle rounds, he didn't leave himself vulnerable to the bigger Diaz, going the five-round distance. "And then he stepped in and I beat him in 13 seconds".

"We've got a lot to talk about, but I'm in a attractive, handsome position now and that was built on hard work, and I'm going to capitalise on that".

The "fight of the year" candidate was the flawless climax to the tension and drama that surrounded the most anticipated rematches in recent UFC history. Now you'll come back to 155 and we'll finish what we've started.

As McGregor told reporters during a media scrum afterward (via UFC on FOX), there is now way you can't respect Nate for the toughness and endurance he displayed after getting busted open and leaking like a faucet. "I don't know", White said on SportsCenter on ESPN.

The Irishman took down Diaz twice more in the second round, bloodying his nose and appearing to have total control of the fight. I won that fight and I'm happy with it. McGregor and Diaz both alluded to it, and McGregor didn't mention defending his featherweight title nor did he mention Floyd Mayweather Jr or anything like that. Diaz got dropped a couple of times, it looked like he was done, and he came back.

"I'm coming for you Daniel", Johnson said, speaking to current light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, who was seated near the cage.

Donald Cerrone (31-7) got an impressive knockout victory over Rick Story (19-9) in a battle of ranked welterweights.

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