Steelers LB James Harrison has National Football League interview date changed

The NFL got its way in an investigation into four players accused by Al Jazeera America of using performance-enhancing drugs.

NFL Network's Mike Garafolo and Albert Breer of are citing sources that says the NFL has agreed to meet with Matthews and Peppers in Green Bay on August 24.

Last week, the league threatened Harrison, Matthews, Peppers and free agent Mike Neal with indefinite suspensions if they did not meet with investigators. "They are going to give me the same thing, flash, across the bulletin board, NFL, Instagram, Twitter, all that - 'James Harrison cleared'".

All four players had given written statements regarding the report but the National Football League said this was insufficient and demanded the interviews.

"Whatever evidence they think they may have or reason for questioning me, it's out of my control, I really don't know", Harrison told reporters last week.

The linebacker and the NFLPA resisted meeting with the NFL on the grounds that the league hadn't presented "credible evidence" beyond the documentary.

Harrison called the interview a "waste of time" after Wednesday's Steelers practice. Manning, who cooperated with the league's investigation and retired, was publicly cleared by the NFL in July.

Btw, the Al-Jazeera interview dates set for Peppers/Matthews (8/24), and Harrison (8/30), each at least 12 days clear of respective openers.

"If it leads to the hands of that crook, I mean (commissioner) Roger Goodell, he can do whatever he wants".

The league's deadline for cooperation from the four current players was Thursday. How convenient that it is going to wrap up just a few days after the closing ceremonies and all players will be cleared.

  • Angelo Rivera