Vehicle park collapses in Tel Aviv killing 3 Israelis

The teams believe that other three missing construction workers are trapped underneath the rubbles.

Israeli TV broadcast footage showing a large, crater-like hole in the ground, and twisted support beams as rescue teams, accompanied by search dogs, dug through the rubble.

A Tel Aviv Police spokesman said that there is danger that the building will collapse further.

Tel Aviv Two people were killed and at least four were still buried alive last night after a vehicle park collapsed.

The cause of the collapse remains unclear.

Some 50,000 Palestinians have permits to work in Israel, and many others are entering the country without papers.

The incident happened in Ramat Hahayil, a commercial area in the city's north. 23 people are injured and are receiving medical help.

A general view of the scene of a building collapse in Tel Aviv, Monday, Sept. 5, 2016.

Police moved people away from the area, fearing other parts of the building might also collapse. The construction worker showed no signs of life when the rescuers finally reached him, about 24 hours after the collapse.

A police spokesperson has confirmed two people died at the scene while at least 15 people were taken to hospital for treatment, with one of those suffering a serious head injury. The midday accident occurred at an underground parking garage that was under construction.

  • Anthony Vega