LG's V20 Rocks Android Nougat, Dual Cameras, Super Steady Video

The company has made changes in the way it looks, now it looks similar to LG's modular phone G5.

The V20 is expected in South Korea this month, with other markets, including the us, to follow. Earlier reports have suggested that it will launch in India by end of September or early October. The handset is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. Also, like the V10, it includes 64GB of onboard storage and 4GB RAM.

Apart from the ear-pleasingly good audio features the LG V20 features a 5.7-inch IPS LCD display as well as a 2.1-inch display, similar to that seen on the LG X Screen, where notifications can pop up without interfering with what is happening on the main screen. The secondary display is a carryover from the V10, only here it's twice as bright with a 50 percent larger font size to make glancing at notifications easier on the eyes.

The display, as rumored, remains identical to the V10 at 5.7-inches. There is a duo of a 16MP f/1.8 and 8MP f/2.4 sensors at the rear. Specifically, the V20 is packing 16-megapixel standard lens and then an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens next to it, with a fingerprint reader below them. The front camera is 5MP. It is also capable of taking wide-angle photos.

In fact, the V20 appears to be a perfectly solid multimedia-oriented handset, and is somewhat noteworthy in its own right as the first smartphone to come preloaded with Android 7.0 or Nougat, the latest version of Google's mobile operating system. It's a pretty nice design, and it means that you will have the option to replace the 3200mAh battery down the road.

LG Electronics Inc. released its new V20 premium smartphone Wednesday, which features improved audio functions and dual-lens rear cameras.

The LG V20's other specs are about as high-end as you'd expect from a new Android flagship in late 2016. Audio recording capabilities impress too, as the V20 is capable of capturing 24-bit/48KHz audio when recording videos.

- Hi-Fi video recording lets a user record better videos and manually control the audio settings to remove unwanted background noise. Unlike many other top-line phones, the V20 features a replaceable battery.

It is also the world's first phone to feature Google's In Apps, with the new search mode featured in the Google app, helping users find content from built-in apps, including contacts, emails, text messages and photos, and also from user-installed apps.

  • Essie Rivera