Apple's headphone jack: all your angry questions answered

In connection with that, Apple will be selling their very own wireless headphones for the iPhone 7, a clear attempt to boost sales further.

Not only is Best Buy discounting the Sports edition, the company has also reduced the price of the stainless steel first-generation Apple Watch by as much as $300.

Belkin does note however that you'll only ever be able to use one port for charging and another for listening to music, so any other peripherals or add-ons you may have with Lightning functionality may not necessarily work.

It feels like, already, more has been written about Apple doing away with the headphones jack on the iPhone 7 than any of the device's new features, but the story still has some way to run.

The Tame Apple Press can be guaranteed to say the iPhone 7 is a selling out and report scarcity.

Apple spent a good chunk of the iPhone keynote talking about its "courageous" decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from its new phone.

By not releasing opening weekend sales numbers, Apple is holding back a key metric that some investors have used to determine the success of an iPhone launch. Both the models have an optical image stabilization with a six-element lens and Quad-LED True Tone flash.

It took hours instead of minutes, but delivery dates for most Apple Watch Series 2 models have slipped out to about three weeks. It also has to be an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s and your time with that phone has to be inside a specific six-month window. The new camera also performs better in low light, meaning it's a big improvement at parties and night-time occasions. This year will be the first time Apple won't unveil that closely watched number.

Pre-orders for the new iPhone start Friday, with the first new smartphones reaching customers on September 16, according to Apple. Starting at £369, it's definitely pricier than a FitBit or several other fitness trackers, but you're getting more with the Apple Watch - including personalisation through the bands and watch faces.

Apple also upgraded the processor of Apple Watch Series 2 (dubbed as S2) and the gadget's display.

  • Latoya Cobb