Explore Jack White's "Acoustic Recordings" Through New Interactive Timeline

White also delves into his time with the Raconteurs, offering a "bluegrass version" of "Top Yourself" along with numerous selections from his solo career.

Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 does exactly what the title suggests: it organizes all of the acoustic tracks, soundtrack efforts, some b-sides, and a few remixes into a cohesive collection.

And he's found some cool nostalgia within.

Elsewhere on the website, White confirms the long-rumored story that he was permanently banned from the actual Hotel Yorba while attempting to film the video for The White Stripes' song of the same name. The track will be one of the 26 rarities found on the upcoming compilation due out on Friday. The inclusion of "City Lights" marks "the first new, worldwide commercially released White Stripes song since 2008".

The musician performed on the programme to promote his new archival album "Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016", and played an acoustic medley of The White Stripes' "You've Got Her In Your Pocket" and "Love Is The Truth", the track he wrote for Coca-Cola. The video was directed by Japanese director Nagi Noda and only aired once in 2006.

Not sure how that jives with recording a song for a multinational company that sells a drink with 39 grams of sugar in it, but you do you, Jack.

  • Audrey Hill