Man at Trump Rally Hits 2 Protesters in the Head

Donald Trump sought to keep the focus squarely on Hillary Clinton's comment that half of his supporters are a "basket of deplorables" here Monday evening, charging his Democratic rival with running a "hate-filled campaign" with "no policy, no solutions and no new ideas".

During the event, several protesters were escorted out.

As he slammed Clinton for saying that half of his supporters are "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic", Trump argued that every American deserves "leadership that honors you, cherishes you and totally defends you".

To prove his point, Coates considered a counterfactual: "Had polling showed that relatively few Trump supporters believe black people are lazy and criminally-inclined, if only a tiny minority of Trump supporters believed that Muslims should be banned from the country, if birtherism carried no real weight among them, would journalists decline to point this out as they excoriated her?"

Outside the U.S. Cellular Center, hundreds of anti-Trump protestors tried to make good on their threat to disrupt the rally when anti-Trump chants turned into heated arguments and then into fights. But she didn't back down from describing his campaign as largely built on prejudice and paranoia. The Trump supporter then swung at the protester, but it's unclear if the protester dodged the punch.

After his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton almost collapsed as she was leaving a 9/11 memorial event Sunday, her team revealed that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

Trump is to lay out the plan in an evening speech in the Philadelphia suburb of Aston, Pennsylvania, his latest attempt to construct a policy framework that he would use for governing if elected over Democrat Hillary Clinton on November 8.

Clinton, who has said she is the candidate to unify a divided country, made the "deplorables" comment at a fundraiser Friday night in NY.

One potential red flag from the Trump campaign on this political dynamic: campaign aides say the new initiative would be funded with money saved through identifying and eliminating fraud within the unemployment system. Bravo's group supports Gillibrand's Family Act. Trump later suggested he might pay for the man's legal bills.

He also criticized voters in Iowa by retweeting a supporter's jab that the Midwestern state's number one commodity export - Monsanto's genetically engineered corn - "creates issues in the brain". Since dropping out, Cruz has declined to endorse Trump, citing personal attacks the billionaire businessman has made against him and his family.

"In other words, we can talk about that, but let's talk about stamina and energy".

Obama's campaign appearance was his first as a solo act on behalf of Clinton as he tries to ensure Democrats retain control of the White House once his eight years are over in January.

Clinton didn't think pneumonia was big deal: Hillary Clinton said she did not disclose her pneumonia diagnosis earlier since she "didn't think it was going to be that big a deal."

  • Jacqueline Ellis