Brazilian lawmakers to decide future of impeachment plotter

Brazil's lower house was considering whether to expel former Speaker Eduardo Cunha amid accusations that he lied about undeclared Swiss bank accounts, a media report said on Tuesday.

At least three businessmen have said under interrogation that they paid bribes to Cunha, which they deposited in his overseas accounts. He had refused to give up his post as a lawmaker, however, and denies any wrongdoing.

Cunha was long considered one of the best wheelers-and-dealers in Brasilia, building a considerable support base including the powerful agriculture lobby, fellow evangelicals and the so-called "bullet caucus" of politicians with police and army connections.

Clarissa Garotinho of the Party of the Republic called Cunha a "psychopath" for "believing his own lies" and allegedly using his family to hide untoward dealings. That means he faces imminent arrest as part of the probe into corruption at Petrobras.

The politician who led the charge to impeach Brazil's former President Dilma Rousseff has himself been ousted from power.

The negative outcome for Cunha will likely keep many politicians awake for he has threatened to bring down others by revealing cases of corruption that could endanger members of the government of Brazil's new President Michel Temer and derail his fiscal reform agenda.

Prosecutors accuse Cunha of corruption an.

Cunha, who is often compared to the dark, manipulative hero Frank Underwood of the hit Netflix series "House of Cards", used his position as speaker of the lower house to put Rousseff on an unstoppable path to impeachment.

The Blog of Josias de Souza, meanwhile, declared that pushed by a vote of 450 legislators, Cunha fell from his horse without laying hands on his guns. "Each branch exercises its role and it would be absurd for the Executive Branch to want to interfere with the Judiciary", said the Brazilian leader in an interview published on Sunday by the daily O Globo. In Brazil, only the country's Supreme Court can decide to charge and try federal lawmakers. That means the several corruption cases he faces will now go to a lower court judge who is famous for locking up prominent figures. He is charged with receiving up to tens of millions illegally in bribes. Doing so may result in civil and/or criminal penalties.

  • Angelo Rivera