USC Football Player Osa Masina Charged With Rape, Forcible Sodomy

He turned himself into police in Utah and is now being held for $250,000 bail.

No formal charges have been brought against Hill yet, but both players were suspended from the team indefinitely on Tuesday. Masina - along with redshirt sophomore defensive end Don Hill - is also involved in another investigation in Los Angeles that occurred on July 14th, when Masina and Hill allegedly sexually assaulted the same woman in Hill's off-campus apartment. When the allegations came to light the school announced that neither Osa Masina and Don Hill would be playing in their team's first two games of the season.

That means Masina is barred from all USC-sponsored activities and he is unable to appear on campus without permission and an escort.

That's a similar procedure to what happened to Bryce Dixon in 2015, but Dixon never faced charges from a court of law.

Osa Masina surrendered to the police and bail was set at $250,000.

A third-year sophomore from Boise, Idaho, Hill originally made the trip with the team to Texas, but was sent home to Los Angeles after allegations against him became public September 2.

Masina also remains under investigation in Los Angeles for a separate sexual assault against the same woman, according to a search warrant affidavit filed in Los Angeles.

Sexual assault is becoming a serious problem across college football programs, and it's becoming more and more prevalent in recent weeks.

Former Brighton High football player Osa Masina was charged with rape and sodomy Thursday.

Masina admits to the sexual encounter but claims it was consensual, authorities said.

The alleged victim told police that she passed out and woke up to Masina on top of her while engaging in anal sex with her, TMZ reported.

The woman suffered lacerations and damage to the porcelain crowns on her back teeth, according to police.

The charges involve a woman that Masina is accused of assaulting in both California and Utah, where Masina's family lives.

After falling asleep on one of the couches in the basement of the house, she said she awoke to Masina raping her.

Now, officials have hit Masina with 3 felonies - 1 count of rape and 2 counts of forcible sodomy. Masina was excluded from all classes, forbidden from any involvement with all organized football team functions and was told he can not participate in any university sponsored activities.

According to the Daily Trojan, police served Masina with a search warrant to seize his iPhone and DNA samples August 25.

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