George W Bush enlists Barack Obama's help for a selfie

The museum is the first national museum about African-American history in the US.

The First Lady was not the only one from the Obama clan to have been friendly with ex-President Bush during the opening of National Museum of African-American History and Culture. The image of the embrace has since gone viral.

President Barack Obama, the nation's first black president, wiped away a tear as he formally opened the Smithsonian's 19th museum with an impassioned 31-minute speech on the National Mall.

Either way, the reaction on the internet to the incident shows that while some Americans can still have a little fun, too many of us takes things way too serious. "And that's what this museum explains, the fact that our stories that our stories have shaped every corner of our culture".

After the opening Bush shared a photo on Instagram with the caption: 'Thanks for taking our photo with the Bonner family, Mr. President. "It faces its flaws, and corrects them". The @nmaahc tells the truth: that a country founded on the promise of liberty held millions in chains...that the price of our Union was America's original sin.

President Obama seemed more than willing to take on the task and snapped the photo like a pro.

  • Anthony Vega