Cruz finally endorses Trump for USA president

Ted Cruz let go of a pledge of his endorsement to Donald Trump amid the Republican National Convention.

"Regardless of who wins", Cruz said, "I know for darn sure that the men and women in this room are going to hold whoever's elected accountable for their actions". This is about principles and ideas.' That's the test I'm applying. That's the test I'm applying.

"My faith teaches me to forgive, with or without an apology", Cruz said, telling the crowd at a Texas Tribune policy forum in Austin that his family made a decision to not hold a grudge against Trump.

"We've known that for 25 years", Beck retorted. "And in particular, I was saying to the Trump campaign, 'This is how you earn my vote and, I believe, how you earn the vote of other conservatives: You defend freedom and defend the Constitution".

"What I said is this is a binary choice".

Hillary Clinton will have powerful surrogates out on her behalf next week, with former President Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama all campaigning on her behalf.

He added, "That is true of every other candidate, and so, yeah, there's a hit piece today in Politico, a left-wing rag, that is hitting me, but somehow is not applying that standard to anyone else in the political world or for that matter to anyone else on radio who sells advertising every day to fund communicating with voters".

Smith then asked: "Do you consider Donald Trump to be fit to be president?"

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But Cruz had been under enormous pressure to stand with his party - from the GOP leadership in Texas and nationally, as well as from some of his biggest donors and from the grass roots, where Cruz's refusal to back Trump was derided as a sign of selfish petulance.

Cruz said he was simply following through on a promise to support his party's presidential nominee, even though the NY billionaire had nicknamed him "Lyin' Ted", insulted his wife and linked his father to the John F. Kennedy assassination.

By the end of the almost 20-minute conversation, Beck had to admit he "strongly" disagreed with Cruz - and he was reportedly even more candid after he hung up the phone. "How can you support a candidate who is so openly misogynist?" "The time to do that would've been the day you pulled out, or you gave the speech, so eloquently- why now?"

Cruz repeatedly pointed to Trump's new list of potential Supreme Court nominees, which he hinted he helped influence, as the tipping point that encouraged him to belatedly make an endorsement on Friday.

Later, after the interview concluded, Beck admitted that it was the first time he had heard Cruz be "calculating" in his answers. But instead of expanding upon his "many, many disagreements with Donald", Cruz opted to let the endorsement speak for itself.

Cruz finally came around to make that endorsement on Friday. It usually means I'm doing the right thing.

  • Anthony Vega