Cruz Won't Say Whether He'd Serve as Trump's Attorney General

Cruz was at Trump Tower in Manhattan Tuesday, though he did not confirm that he was under consideration for the Attorney General position, Bloomberg said.

Mr. Cruz told Fox News on Tuesday that he is "eager to work with the new president in any capacity" that involves defending the U.S. Constitution.

Cruz and Trump previously met at Trump Tower in the middle of the primary past year, when Cruz, unlike much of the Republican field, was intentionally not drawing contrasts with the party's frontrunner. A champion debater during his Princeton University days, he later earned a law degree from Harvard law school and once served as a clerk for former U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Ted Cruz as his Attorney General.

Meanwhile, Senator Lindsey Graham, who once joked about murdering Cruz on the Senate floor, suggested him for an even higher position: Supreme Court justice.

Now that the election has been decided, and a new presidential administration begins construction, rumors are swirling about who President-elect Donald Trump will appoint to fill out his cabinet. "And I am eager to do everything I can to help President-elect Trump, to help Vice President-elect Pence, deliver on the promises we made to the American people". "I added a name to the list: Senator Cruz".

"Nobody should be surprised that their are media critics trying to throw rocks at the president-elect and the transition team - they don't want the president to succeed", Cruz said.

"It's all about wanting "drill, baby, drill",' the insider said, referring to fossil fuel interests" desire to see the Trump administration scrap President Obama's slow-walk of drilling and fracking leases.

Trump seemingly toyed with the public on Tuesday night, posting "I am the only one who knows who the finalists are!" But the president-elect tweeted last night that it's a "very organized process".

  • Audrey Hill