OKC Police Release Information on Will Rogers World Airport Shooter

Police say the airport has been closed following a shooting there. The airport was put on lockdown after a shooting in the main terminal. Michael Winchester himself had played for the Oklahoma Sooners in years past.

According to Captain Paco Balderrama the shooter has been identified as Lloyd Dean Buie. Southwest Airlines immediately request he be tested, but Buie declined and resigned. Winchester, a current employee of the airline, was leaving work and walking to his vehicle when he was shot by Buie.

The Kansas City Chiefs are rallying around long snapper James Winchester, whose father Michael was killed by a former Southwest Airlines employee outside of an Oklahoma City airport.

In this photo taken October 8, 2007, Michael Winchester, second from right, poses for a photo with children, from left, Emily, Carolyn, James and Becca in Washington, Okla. Police say, Lloyd Dean Buie killed Michael Winchester on Tuesday. "Our focus remains on offering support to the Winchester family and Southwest employees during this hard time", King said.

Winchester, a former OU punter, was a Southwest Airlines employee. At the same time, they did add that while Buie might have wanted to kill someone, it's undetermined if Winchester was the target.

Southwest Airlines says a former employee who killed one of its current workers outside of an Oklahoma City airport quit his job past year after he refused to take an alcohol screening. Buie had been a ramp agent in Kansas City and Oklahoma City, and he was hard to work with, said an employee who spoke to The Oklahoman on Wednesday on condition of anonymity. They said he'd displayed signs of being under the influence while at work.

However, they say they do not know if Winchester was the intended victim.

Winchester was a Southwest employee of 29 years, and Buie worked as a ramp agent from November 1999 to April 2015, Southwest spokeswoman Brandy King said. "Our focus remains on offering support to the Winchester family and Southwest employees during this hard time", the airline said in its statement.

Police say a man who fatally shot a Southwest Airlines employee outside of Oklahoma City's airport likely did so in retaliation for circumstances that led to the attacker leaving his job with the airline previous year.

Oklahoma City police Capt.

Balderrama says he doesn't know what Buie did for Southwest or why he resigned.

Balderrama said Buie likely would have needed a scope on his rifle to shoot Winchester from that distance. Buie was later found dead in his pickup truck in the garage. Southwest redirected one flight back to Dallas while a Las Vegas to Houston flight that stops in Oklahoma City went to Amarillo, Texas, instead.

A number of inbound flights were diverted to other airports after Will Rogers suspended operations. Southwest was the only airline to cancel all arriving flights.

"The Southwest Airlines Family is deeply saddened by the passing of our Southwest Family Member, and we extend our heartfelt sympathies and support to his family and Southwest co-workers at this time", the statement read.

Buie was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in a pickup truck shortly after Tuesday afternoon's shooting. We continue to work with the local authorities investigating this incident.

He says police received reports of a possible second victim, but authorities have not yet found that person.

Balderrama also said he does not believe this is now an active-shooter situation, which means they don't believe anyone else is in danger of being shot.

In a turn of events, Buie later shot himself.

Airport officials allowed people stranded to start leaving around 6:15 p.m.

  • Angelo Rivera