Flynn: Critic of Muslim militancy and culture

Under retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn - who President-elect Donald Trump tapped to be national security adviser - women in the Defense Intelligence Agency were told to wear makeup and skirts and to not wear flat shoes.

Ranking Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, tweeted Friday: "Have deep concerns about Gen Flynn as a possible National Security Advisor".

In a June interview with CNN, Flynn complained the USA needs to "discredit" radical Islam, but that "we're not allowed to do that right now". He has likened Islam to a "cancer" that has infected 1.6 billion people and is growing, and has echoed far-right, anti-Muslim conspiracy theories. A neoconservative polemicist who is now "Freedom Scholar" at the rabidly neoconservative Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Leeden was Flynn's co-author on book Field of Flight, which was praised by none other than former Senator Joe Lieberman as a "strategic plan by General Flynn of how to win the global war against radical Islam and its big power supporters".

A hawkish militarist who influenced the Obama administration to increase its use of covert special operations and drone assassinations, Flynn contradicts the isolationist views that Trump has sometimes, albeit very inconsistently, expressed. But the Times notes that former coworkers said he has such a tough time with the truth that he often spouts out completely baseless "Flynn facts".

The position, which does not require senate confirmation, is tasked with providing the president daily national security briefings and coordinating foreign policy and military efforts. The adviser acts as a gatekeeper on a wide range of issues, including matters of war and peace as well as diplomacy and intelligence.

"[Flynn] served as the director of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff; the U.S. Central Command, which oversees operations in the Middle East; the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation mission in Afghanistan; and the Joint Special Operations Command", Politico previously reported. That success was dotted with Pentagon investigations - including one internal Pentagon probe that substantiated Flynn's inappropriate sharing of classified intelligence with allies - and his uniformed career ended when he was unceremoniously pushed out of the Defense Intelligence Agency after heated run-ins with the Obama administration over its ISIS strategy.

Since retiring from his military career, he founded the Flynn Intel Group, a commercial, government, and global consulting firm.

Erdogan has accused the cleric, Fethullah Gullen, of orchestrating an attempted military coup in the July and called for his extradition. Candidates are vetted for various positions within the new administration, and offers are made and accepted or turned down.

A member of the House intelligence committee, Pompeo said former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden should face the death penalty for taking and releasing secret documents about surveillance programs in which the US government collected the phone records of millions of Americans.

By publicly advocating for policies on behalf of President Erdogan and the Turkish government while working for Kamil Ekim Alptekin and Inovo BV, especially by penning the op-ed in The Hill and failing to register with the Department of Justice as foreign agent, Flynn may have violated FARA. In hacked emails, former Secretary of State Colin Powell called Flynn, a registered Democrat, "right-wing nutty". Alptekin said the lobbying project was created to support an energy firm that he declined to identify. He attends events with his father and works for his father's consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group.

O'Hanlon said he was heartened by the choice of Flynn, but his appointment should be balanced by other appointments. AP material published by, is done so with explicit permission. This has led to fears that he might reverse civil rights and criminal justice reforms introduced by Mr Obama's attorney general Eric Holder.

Rep. Pompeo is seen as likely to be an even more contentious pick, heading from the House Intelligence Committee into the CIA.

  • Audrey Hill