Have I committed crime by attacking corruption & black money, asks PM Modi

"I am finding ways to put behind bars those guilty of stashing their black money into the Jan Dhan accounts of the poor", PM Modi said.

"This country is against corruption but it had become helpless but today people feel they have fought this menace".

He said he had no vested interest and nothing to afraid of losing. "I am a fakir and I will pick up my jhola (bag) and set off. I will pack my bags and leave".

"The November 8 decision to spike high-value currency notes had rattled those who hoarded large quantities of black money".

Modi said that the poor has a lot of power; corruption has robbed the people of their rights.

According to anecdotal evidence, many people with funds that they can not account for have forced their employees or less-aware persons around them to deposit part of their money into their account. Jan Dhan accounts were opened under a special campaign for providing banking facilities to the poor launched by the Modi Government in August, 2014. "Have I committed any crime by attacking corruption and black money?", asked PM Modi as he addressed a "Parivartan rally" in Moradabad in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh. "If you promise to do so, I am working hard to devise a formula to send all those who deposited their money illegally into your accounts to jail and to ensure the money goes to the poor households", Modi told a rally here.

He said the inconveniences caused by demonetisation would ease in 50 days.

"I had said there will be hardships for now, but things will improve. But this is the last queue to end all the queues".

"When we started opening Jan Dhan accounts, poor people did not know how they would come of use".

Opening a new front in the fight against black money, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said people who were forced or tricked into depositing other people's money into their bank accounts may be allowed to keep the entire sum for themselves.

Many governments have made many announcements. But it is temporary and it will help the country in the long run.

Corruption needs to be eradicated.

"Corruption won't go away on its own but has to be driven out", he said.

Modi called for patience until December 30, by when he has promised the cash situation would stabilise, and urged people to shift to electronic transactions.

"I salute the people of the country for standing for long hours in queues".

  • Latoya Cobb