Man who shot ex-NFL player charged with manslaughter

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand struck a fiery and combative tone toward people questioning why 54-year-old Ronald Gasser, who is white, was initially released Friday - despite police saying he admitted to shooting McKnight, a black athlete, on Thursday afternoon in the New Orleans suburb of Terrytown.

The Jefferson-Parish Sheriff's office in Louisiana arrested Ronald Gasser on Tuesday after interviewing more than 160 witnesses over the weekend.

Local law enforcement had last week triggered outrage after Gasser, who was arrested at the scene of the shooting and confessed to shooting McKnight, had been released on bail.

Fortunato told The Times-Picayune that investigators are working with the district attorney's office to determine whether any charges will be filed against Gasser. "For sure, in some cases".

Even with the arrest and charge, the case is still "maturing", he said.

"It's not fair", Normand said, appearing to hold back tears. Gasser's bail is listed as $0, according to JPSO jail records.

According to USA Today the situation with McKnight is the second road rage incident Gasser has been involved in.

Tuesday morning, the sheriff's office announced it has charged Gasser with manslaughter. Gasser is white, while McKnight was black. The sheriff refused to go into detail about the statements.

You can watch Normand's tirade below, but be warned: this video contains explicit language.

"We have an obligation to get it right", Normand told reporters. Some parts of Gasser's statements could have been self-serving, he added.

In the same week that saw a mistrial for the Walter Scott shooting, one can only hope that yet another senseless murder does not go unpunished when Gasser eventually goes to trial.

At some point Gasser reached between his seat and the centre console, pulled out his gun and shot McKnight three times.

"I would've never had the probable cause to search his house, and so many other things that we were able to gain during the course of our interaction with Mr. Gasser because what we were able to do strategically", Normand said. In addition, Gasser also had another similar road-rage incident with a separate motorist on the same New Orleans street that he shot and killed McKnight.

Citing "hundreds of cases" where JPSO officers have not arrested suspects that they knew had committed a crime right away, Normand said they had done nothing out of the ordinary in the Gasser case.

McKnight was unarmed at the time of the shooting. McKnight was unarmed, although there was a gun in the truck.

"You ass-kissing f***** that has done little to our community, all we know is that you're a b**** puppet", Normand said, reading one comment from a piece of paper.

Normand indicated during a press conference last week that the probe of McKnight's shooter includes consideration of Louisiana's stand-your-ground law. He attended USC in 2007 hyped as "the next Reggie Bush" and played for the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Essie Rivera