Donald Trump Vs. Silicon Valley (CSCO)

President-elect Donald Trump is expected to name two more individuals from Silicon Valley-both of whom are close to billionaire investor Peter Thiel-to his transition effort, a source familiar with the situation told FORBES on Wednesday.

President-elect Donald Trump invited technology leaders to a discussion next week in NY where Silicon Valley will begin building relationships with an incoming administration it initially distrusted and mostly criticized. Trump's press office also didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Following a divisive presidential campaign, few people from Silicon Valley's technology industry have readily joined Trump's transition effort, which is partly overseen by Thiel, an early Trump supporter who is now responsible for the filling of science and technology roles in the new administration.

During the election, Trump also accused Twitter, Google and Facebook of burying news about the investigation into Clinton's private email server, calling them "very dishonest media" in a tweet. Trump, on the other hand, issued no such plan, leaving the industry largely in the dark about how he would deal with critical issues such as net neutrality, work visas and data privacy.

But if Trump increases defense spending, that could benefit Bay Area tech firms that supply hardware or software used by the military, said the UCLA Anderson Forecast report, released Tuesday.

Since Trump was elected president, some executives have made overtures. The only technology executive included in the forum is IBM CEO Ginni Rometty.

Aaron Ginn, co-founder of Lincoln, an organization of conservative technologists, said the planned roundtable discussion seems like it is a "good sign for what is to come" under Trump.

"As leaders of organizations representing the world's most dynamic technology companies, we are committed to moving the country forward toward a brighter economic future", the letter said.

  • Essie Rivera