PewDiePie Reaches 50 Million Subscribers and Will Delete His Channel

The 27-year-old internet personality released a video nearly a week ago talking about how he's going to delete his channel at the milestone over issues with YouTube's new product and content changes. PewDiePie (whose current profile pic on the site is of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg) has delighted in tweeting fake news about himself, and his Twitter account was briefly suspended in August after joking that he had joined the Islamic terrorist group ISIS. He alleged that YouTube was promoting "videos that have nothing to do with personality, has nothing to do with content, just has a really great title and a really great thumbnail". "So, what they're (YouTube) doing instead is that they are recommending videos about people you don't give a s**t about", he said on his YouTube video.

Whether his threat to hit the delete button is genuine, or simply a stunt to pull in even more views and subscribers, you'll get to know at 5 p.m. GMT Friday, which is noon ET and 9 a.m. PT.

Regarding claims of drops in subscriber numbers, YouTube said it has conducted "an extensive review and found there have been no decreases in creators subscriber numbers beyond what normally happens when viewers either unsubscribe from a creator's channel or when YouTube removes spammed subscribers". In turn, this would mean his new followership would only be people actively engaging with his content, which improves the visibility of his videos on YouTube. "It is all going down", said Kjellberg.

A number of creators including Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3 Productions have accused YouTube of toying with the algorithm that shows users content from the channels they subscribe to.

The announcement was first made via YouTube. In his view, however, the internet-video giant is justified in its efforts to continuously improve the way the site functions as a whole.

The dispute centers over declining page views.

He said, "I will delete my channel". It's something that we worked really hard on and I don't think they understand.

Forbes estimate Kjellberg made $15 million previous year from his channel.

  • Jacqueline Ellis