New surveillance videos shows Dylann Roof immediately before, after church killings

From left, Reverend Richard Harkness holds hands with Reverend Jack Lewin during a prayer vigil held at Morris Brown AME Church for the victims of Wednesday's shooting at Emanuel AME Church on June 18, 2015 in Charleston, S.C. Dylann Storm Roof, 21, was arrested Thursday in the slayings of several people, including the pastor at a prayer meeting inside the historic black church.

Forty-five minutes into the interview, an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent made a decision to tell him nine people died in the June 17, 2015, shootings at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

He urged the jurors to be open to understanding what could have lead to Roof committing this horrific crime, and urged them to consider his background, his motivations and influences.

Roof's attorneys wanted to delay the trial because of the publicity surrounding the mistrial in a former police officer's case. Sanders quoted from the words her son, Tywanza, said to Roof just before he was killed: "We mean you no harm".

"There wasn't even that many people in there", Roof said incredulously.

Nine people, including the church's pastor, State Sen. and the Rev. Clementa Pinckney, died in the June 17, 2015, incident.

The three adult shooting survivors crammed into the prosecution's side of the courtroom with about 45 other victims' loved ones and church members, all listening stoically as the Roof's confession played on two television monitors.

Dylann Roof hesitated for about 20 seconds when an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent asked him what he was doing on the night nine black church members were killed during Bible study. Before that moment, Sanders said Roof had sat quietly with his head down throughout the group's discussion. She watched in horror as her son Tywanza and her 87-year-old aunt, Susie Jackson, were killed in the fusillade. Savage said Roof deliberately spared Sheppard that night, because, Roof told her, "I want you to tell the world what happened in here". Roof told the Federal Bureau of Investigation he didn't have any friends, Bruck said.

"I just knew that would be a place where there would be a small amount of black people", he said. Roof's trial began as another one with racial overtones ended in a mistrial.

Sanders went under a table with her granddaughter. Final jury selection is scheduled for Wednesday morning. The mistrial motion said Roof's mother suffered a heart attack after being in the courtroom for the emotional testimony yesterday.

"I would like for the same mercy to be shown to him that was shown to my grandmother", she said.

"I'm hoping for justice for my sister and justice for all", he said. Scott Stone, a Mecklenburg County Republican who was appointed to the state House this year and was elected in his own right this fall, says any compromise on the matter has to start at Charlotte city hall.

In another order Tuesday, the judge rejected the defense motion to restart the jury questioning.

After shooting 77 times in rapid fire, Roof said he was "pacing around because I was kind of freaking out". Whether inmates lose their will to live when handed a hefty sentence or later succumb to the mental toll that life in prison - or waiting on death row - often inflicts on them, around 10 percent of those executed in the past 40 years have either asked for their own execution or withdrawn from the appeals process voluntarily, leading to 141 deaths out of the past 1,400 executions, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

"The court can not respond to every breaking news story or development in the local court system by continuing a trial that has been scheduled since June 2016", he said.

  • Jon Douglas