Samsung wants to join the AR revolution, but is shunning Microsoft

A new Gear VR is slated "to be presented in a short time", according to Sung-Hoon Hong, Samsung Electronics VP, while details about the HoloLens-esque augmented reality system are still hazy. Also, the Tango, made for Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is leading the change in Augmented Reality feature. The Gear VR 3 could arrive next year, as the official suggested. During the presentation, Hong revealed that Samsung is working on a "light field engine" that has the ability to product "really, really realistic" holograms and that they look "really touchable".

Whenever the headset does come out, the added dash of futuristic tech will surely be a win for Samsung Galaxy S8 owners and augmented reality enthusiasts in general, so long as it has the apps to back it.

The next time we'll see this technology will be at Mobile World Congress 2017 - so said Sung-Hoon. The VR business of the South Korean Company is already hugely popular.

Sung-Hoon Hong recently spoke at the Virtual Reality Summit that took place in California. This incredible achievement will provide Samsung the widest VR installed supported by all the leading VR headsets being launched by top brands. According to Wearable Zone, Hong considers that AR has much better business development for Samsung. The second would be a 3D overlay with interaction between virtual objects, but no interaction with real objects, with a good example being Pokemon GO. Mixed reality and augmented reality are potentially the next waves in technology's future, and it makes sense for Samsung, a technology giant, to move into that space. The Samsung executive provided an example of what the company is trying to achieve with moving leaves aside, so you can see a virtual Pikachu in a real tree. " Some reports say, Samsung's power partner; Oculus will not play a significant role in creating the AR-capable of Samsung HMD".

  • Latoya Cobb