The Huge Mistake Rogue One Makes, According to Star Wars' Title Designer

First off, the cinematography was absolutely stunning in Star Wars Rogue One.

Since my two viewings, I have read as many reviews as I could to see what other thoughts they had, mainly because my bias is so obvious when it comes to Star Wars.

The franchise is full of these small opportunities for the Force to play a role in the story, from the Ben Kenobi sensing the death of Alderaan, to Rey flourishing after she leaves Jakku and finds a new family with Finn and the Resistance on the lush green planet of D'Qar.

Rogue One is, as I mentioned before, a movie that's not about the big heroes, but your average boots-on-the-ground soldiers in the Galactic Civil War.

After the weekend's box office grosses including a $290 million global debut for Rogue One, Disney had hit $6.998 billion for the year - $2.7 billion in the USA and almost $4.3 billion internationally, the studio said Monday.

Lourd also humorously commented that though she's "really into Star Wars these days" she wasn't as a fan as a child.

While we may never know all the details regarding the rumored reshoots for Rogue One and what they did to improve or change the movie, the film that is playing right now in the big screen is highly recommended for everyone.

This past week "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" took flight in theaters and got my 11-year-old-self dancing in his theater seat.

The Calgary Eyeopener asked two movie buffs from both sides of the border to weigh in: Norm Wilner is a film reviewer for Canada's NOW Magazine and Kristy Puchko is a freelance film critic based in New York City. "There are too many things to do and there are too many films out there to see", he told THR Tuesday. What was your way into "Star Wars" fandom? Again: If you can move things around with your mind, influence other people's thinking and fight off whole battalions of people aimed with standard weaponry, and the adherents of your movement are spending all their time in hiding, coming out only to conduct occasional duels, how grand is the struggle between the different interpretations of the Force anyway? Even the cute new robot.

I'm disappointed in Rogue One. Today, the market is the world, and the diversity we experience every day is being portrayed [on film]. In Rogue One, Jyn suggests at one point that the Imperial flag waving across the galaxy is "not a problem if you don't look up", but the Star Wars saga has always trained its attention on the heavens.

Want more stuff like this? Also, I feel as though to properly enjoy this film to its fullest audiences should have a pretty good knowledge of the Star Wars mythos.

For something that has a little bit more of a literal link to Rogue One, you should check out the fifth and sixth issues of the series, collected in Empire's fourth Volume-a story called "Princess".

  • Latoya Cobb