Election hacking: United States senators call for sanctions on Russian Federation

"I would say that 99 percent of us believe that the Russians did this, and we're going to do something about it", Graham told CNN's Jim Sciutto in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

Russian Federation and its president Vladimir Putin should expect tough sanctions after cyber attacks during the presidential election won by Donald Trump, U.S. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said on Wednesday.

McCain and Graham, both Republicans, and other Senate leaders say they plan hearings on Russian computer attacks, even as president-elect Donald Trump downplays the issue. "I expect there will be bipartisan sanctions coming that will hard Russian Federation hard, particularly [President Vladimir] Putin as an individual", Graham said, without elaborating.

Russian officials have denied accusations of interference in the November 8 election.

"Look, if you're able to change the results of an election, then you have undermined the very fundamentals of democracy", said McCain while accusing the Obama administration of passively observing Russia's actions.

Trump has consistently maintained that last month's election was free of any Russian meddling.

But it is not yet clear what the sanctions might involve.

Both lawmakers have been highly critical of Russian actions in the past, and have urged other lawmakers from both parties to take Moscow's alleged interference in the US elections seriously. Lindsey Graham of SC are touring Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia and Montenegro this week.

The US senator delivered his remarks at a press conference with Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis.

Senator Graham made his comments in Riga, Latvia as part of a wider tour of Russia's Baltic neighbors. Amy Klobuchar is on this trip with us.

"There are 100 United States senators".

  • Jon Douglas