Carrie Fisher was proud of her Irish roots

The Star Wars actress passed away on Tuesday at the age of 60 just days after suffering a heart attack during a flight, and a day later, on Wednesday, her mother died following a stroke, aged 84.

Carrie Fisher, 60, an actress and writer who starred as Princess Leia in the original "Star Wars" trilogy, died Tuesday after suffering a medical emergency December 23 aboard a flight from London.

The service would celebrate their extraordinary bond, which was strained at times but which was always loving.

Fisher's body has also been released from the Los Angeles' Coroner's office in the afternoon so her family can decide a mortuary service for the late actress.

Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds will have a joint funeral and be buried together at the Hollywood Hills' Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

'We like the idea, if it's at all possible. "I want to be with Carrie" shortly before she had a stroke.

He added: "She said, 'I want to be with Carrie".

A public memorial is being contemplated, but no plans have been finalized.

Todd Fisher later told ABC News that his mother had died of "heartache".

"Star Wars" alum Carrie Fisher's full autopsy report has already been completed and handed to her family members. Fans nationwide have held lightsaber vigils for Fisher since her death.

"She missed her daughter and wanted to very much be with her", Todd says.

"Todd Fisher announced Reynolds" death on Wednesday as he revealed her last words were about her late daughter.

She loved taking care of my sister more than anything.

Carrie talked about her mother's health and how scary it is to see her so frail on NPR this fall. "It's life with Carrie and Debbie".

Billie really wanted to follow in her mother and grandmother's footsteps of being an actress, so Debbie showed her diaries from when she was younger to make sure that's what Billie really wanted to do.

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