$6M in Jewelry Allegedly Stolen Blocks From Times Square Ball Drop

Police were still searching Tuesday for the three alleged robbers seen on surveillance cameras at KGK Holdings, an India-based jewelry wholesaler, police spokesman Detective Ahmed Nasser told AFP.

Police commissioner James O'Neill told a Manhattan news conference on December 29, "People will be safe this New Year's Eve because we're there along with our law enforcement partners..."

Police state that the crime was "100% planned" to coincide with the festivities, as they struck at 12.01am.

They made off with around $6 million dollars in gems and are still at large, according to police sources.

Gregg Ruth specializes in colored diamonds and imported stones, such as rare diamonds used for settings that sell for up to $150,000 a piece. Surveillance images show one of the thieves on a cellphone as he put in the combination to two locked safes on the sixth floor of Gregg Ruth's KGK Holdings in Midtown.

"The safes were opened".

Among the items stolen were rings, bracelets and diamonds, NBC said.

Footage shows a suspect talking on a phone when opening the safe, before the gang fled down a stairwell in the 16-storey tower.

A security guard posted in front of the business said the company had no security officers protecting the premises before the robbery. That's real fishy. It definitely seems like an inside job'.

A person who works in the building said the owner was likely "embarrassed" by the incident.

  • Anthony Vega