Nintendo Switch is Not a 3DS Replacement

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con comes with a bundled-in grip that enables the two controllers to be used like a more traditional game pad.

If you want to charge the Joy-Con while you play in a more standard controller fashion with the Nintendo Switch on your TV, you'll need the Joy-Con Charging Power Grip. As it turns out, Nintendo opted for this style of hardware for a reason- they have a vision of what they aim to do with the Nintendo Switch. These pre-launch stats can be misleading, and neither the Nintendo fan boys nor the Switch haters can draw any concrete conclusions from GameStop's numbers, mostly because they aren't numbers.

Although Nintendo promises 20-hours of life-force from the Joy-Cons, this could prove an inconvenience to gamers.

There are no clear figures of how many current preorders there are for the Switch. On the flip side, Nintendo faithfuls who couldn't wait to get their hands on the Switch will see this news as vindication.

"I think there's a sense that Nintendo Switch is a portable device". Nintendo revealed the price ($299!), the release date (March 3!) and the launch games (Zelda and... a cow milking thing?), and our feelings are... complicated. Share us the information in the comment section below. It's easy to draw comparisons between 1-2-Switch and Wii Sports, which seemed to fulfill similar functions, but came bundled with the Wii system upon its release just over a decade ago.

Nintendo meant to ship two million units during the Nintendo Switch's launch month, but taking in consideration the high number of pre-orders, one has to wonder if two million is enough.

  • Latoya Cobb