Sisters Found Alive In Texas After Being Kidnapped By Mother In 1985

Two children reported missing in 1985 have been located in the Houston area, according to Rhode Island State Police.

When speaking to WCVB, Russel said, "I've always been trying to find my children", and added, "And now at least it's up to them to get in touch with me".

The Times also reported Elaine Yates left her husband after an argument over finding him on a boat with another woman.

Police say they believe Elaine, who did not have custody of the children, abducted Kimberly and Kelly after a domestic dispute.

Rhode Island State Police Lt. Col. Joseph F Philbin told the Providence Journal authorities won't be releasing the names Kimberly, now 35, and Kelly, aged 32, are now living under.

A warrant was issued for Elaine's arrest in 1988 after she failed to appear at a court date.

The girls' father, Russell Yates, was notified about his daughters' whereabouts after Elaine Yates was taken into custody.

They had been living in Rhode Island, US at the time, and their mother lived under the alias Liana Waldberg.

The case was featured on "America's Most Wanted", and police received tips from all over the country, including from Colorado and Florida. Their non-custodial mother has been charged with snatching them.

Asked whether the mother should be prosecuted, Yates says that won't help anyone.

Philbin said the two women were given their father's contact information. She waived extradition and is now being transported back to Rhode Island, where a formal arraignment will be held. "I just want to see my kids".

  • Audrey Hill