Super Mario Run for Android devices will be launched in March

After launching the game on December 15 on iPhone, Super Mario Run downloads topped a record 40 million in just four days. If Android users will not be able to benefit, players on IOS for their part should have something to do!

Released exclusively on iPhone and iPad last month, Super Mario Run was immediately a smash hit.

Despite the popularity of the game, Nintendo's shares took a fall after the launch with Super Mario Run following poor initial reviews and the game missing sales expectations in some markets.

A tweet by the Japanese Twitter account of Nintendo revealed that the Android version of Super Mario Run will be released by March.

Why Was The Android Version Of Super Mario Run Delayed?

Unfortunately, this bonus in the game will not extend to the amount of Toads the player wins.

The outlet points out that "Super Mario Run" has a simple interface and would relatively be quick when porting it from iOS to Android. The link below is for the game's pre-registration, which right now will only serve to notify you once the game is available for download. However, it looks like they might have found a workaround for this, as Super Mario Run for Android now has a better timeline - it will release in March 2017. "We've made a sandbox-style game that is easy to, and feels good to, control". Analysts estimated that less than one in 10 people who downloaded the game for free have gone ahead and paid the $9.99 required to unlock all of its features.

The upside to that was it meant you got the whole game and didn't need to make in-app purchases as you do in Pokemon Go. The first few levels of the game were free, but to travel all the worlds you had to pony up the ten spot.

  • Jon Douglas