Gambia's Yahya Jammeh offered last chance for peaceful exit before troops advance

However, Gambia's President-elect, Adama Barrow on Thursday took to twitter to announce that he will be sworn into office at the Gambian Embassy in Dakar, Senegal.

Barrow was also sworn in at the Gambian embassy in Senegal, fearing for his safety in his home country.

I wish to congratulate all of you and welcome you to the new Gambia, " Barrow concluded to a round of applause and a standing ovation.

In an interview with the BBC on Saturday, he said said he wanted to create a truth and reconciliation committee to investigate allegations of human rights abuses during Mr Jammeh's time in office. By the text, the Council requests for the Secretary-General to update the body on the resolution's implementation within 10 days.

In mediation efforts since last month, ECOWAS has offered Jammeh immunity from prosecution and exile. Senegalese troops entered the country in preparation for removing Jammeh, who dug his heels in further, dissolving his cabinet and pledging to manage the government himself. They said they had no resistance from the Gambian army.

Jammeh, who first seized power in a 1994 coup, insisted that his rule was ordained by Allah. "It's a misunderstanding. We are not going to fight Nigerian, Togolese or any military that comes".

His chief of defence staff, Ousman Badjie, said he recognized Mr. Barrow as the commander-in-chief.

"A military operation [is under way] with troops also from Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Mali - they are all at the Senegal border and presenting a united front", Haque said. Gambia's president, whether he likes it or not, whether he stays on or not, is now in the eyes of his country's neighbours and the world community, illegitimate, an ex-president. Mauritania's President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz arrived in the capital, Banjul, the latest in a series of African leaders who have tried to convince Jammeh to stand down.

"I can not state a day and time [to return to The Gambia] but it will be sooner than later.I am in consultation with ECOWAS and when the coast is clear I will return home, very soon", he told a Gambian-based journalist, Adolphus Mawolo.

"We welcome the transfer of power to Adama Barrow, who was elected as President of The Gambia as a result of the elections held on 1st of December 2016", the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

  • Latoya Cobb