Trump Denies Fact That He Feuded With Intelligence Agencies

Pence introduced Trump as a great "strategic thinker" who would "make America safe again", but in fact, Trump could not even stay on topic unless that topic was a dishonest media and repeated lies about the small size of his inaugural crowd.

He said the crowd reached the Washington monument as he spoke at the US Capitol, despite photographic evidence to the contrary.

The visit would nonetheless have a symbolic element to it, as Mr Trump has repeatedly criticised the Central Intelligence Agency since his election victory since it concluded that Russian Federation was involved in cyber hacking that interfered with the U.S. election.

Trump's visit is an apparent attempt to try to rebuild his relationship with the intelligence agency, as his hand-picked leader prepares to take over.

After weeks of doubting their conclusions about alleged Russian interference into the United States election, he told them he had their backs. "I know maybe sometimes you haven't gotten the backing that you've wanted, and you're going to get so much backing". I said wait a minute, I made a speech, the field looked like a million, a million and a half people.

"You're going to get so much backing, you're going to say, please don't give us so much backing". The reason you're my first stop is exactly the opposite, " Trump said.

Trump also couldn't resist talking about his feud with the media.

"I'm so behind you".

President Trump's inauguration and the resignation of former CIA Director John Brennan has left the agency without a proper director, as Senate Democrats blocked a vote on the confirmation of Rep. Mike Pompeo (R - KS) as nominee to the position. I feel young. When I was young, we were always winning things in this country. "I didn't want to go into Iraq". "You're going to be getting a total gem".

It was not immediately clear whether Trump would also receive an intelligence briefing while at CIA headquarters. He claimed to "know a lot about West Point" and said his uncle was a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In his appearance before CIA employees, Trump blamed the media for what he called false reporting of a "feud" with intelligence, saying that "I have a running was with the media; they are the most dishonest people on earth". "Somebody said, 'Are you young?' I said, 'I think I'm young'".

  • Jon Douglas