I Am Setsuna confirmed for Nintendo Switch launch on March 3

Square Enix has announced that I am Setsuna will become a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. Now we know that the game will be launching on the Switch on March 3, right alongside the system itself.

A short press release by Square Enix, issued today, was light on details but did call out one of the new game modes designed specifically for Nintendo's new console.

I Am Setsuna has joined the Nintendo Switch's launch line-up.

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I Am Setsuna To Be Offered on Nintendo Switch as Launch Title

The Switch edition features The Temporal Battle Arena, available exclusively as free DLC. With simple turn-based controls and unique gameplay mechanisms; I Am Setsuna merges elements from classic Japanese RPGs with new technology. The title originally released on PS4 late previous year to predominantly strong reviews.

The old school JRPG from Square's Tokyo RPG Factory, promises an emotional and heart rendering experience.

Tokyo RPG Factory's debut game, I am Setsuna, tells the story of the maiden Setsuna as she attempts to save the people of her land from evils demons.

  • Latoya Cobb