Aaron Paul Hints at Possible Better Call Saul Appearance

While it would undoubtedly send excitement through the roof to see them on the show, having them appear in any kind of extended role just wouldn't make sense given that they didn't know Saul when Breaking Bad started. We personally think if there was zero chance he'd be turning up this season, Paul would just say that rather than giving anyone hope of a Jesse cameo down the road. They just wrapped the last season.

Listen to the quote for yourself in the video below, starting at 1:50.

Fans of Paul's character Jesse Pinkman are dying to get the info on whether or not he'll show up on the prequel, "Better Call Saul".

According to TVLine, Pinkman might be too young to show up in "Better Call Saul", as the show takes place before the events of "Breaking Bad". Adding, "Maybe I already shot it".

Breaking Bad is one of the greatest TV shows of all time, and I will fight anyone who tries to dispute that. "Yeah, I would love to be on".

Is Aaron Paul appearing in the next edition of Better Call Saul? This is where Paul's character could be best utilized. Obviously, I'm incredibly thankful that Better Call Saul Season 3will be released on April 10, 2017, which might make me slightly less angry about Walter White's fate for a while. There have also been plenty of Easter Egg characters that have popped up throughout the series, but the big question remains will we ever see Walter White or Jesse Pinkman again?

'I owe [Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul creator] Vince Gilligan so much, ' Cranston told Ellen.

If Pinkman does return, he will join returning characters Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), Tuco (Raymond Cruz), Hector (Mark Margolis), Nacho (Michael Mando) and Krazy-8 (Max Arciniega) in Season 3. I could be (on the new season).

"Better Call Saul" season 3 will be launched in the U.S. on April 10 on AMC at 10PM ET.

  • Jon Douglas