Heinz Ketchup wants to make Monday after Super Bowl a holiday

According to Bloomberg, not all Kraft Heinz workers will get the day off. Not only that, they want to take it nationwide so they've launched a tongue-in-cheek campaign to make the day - dubbed "Smunday" - a national holiday.

Heinz declined to say how many employees are eligible for the paid vacation day.

Astute observers of Super Bowl ads may recall Heinz's "Wiener Stampede" spot past year that introduced new additions to the Heinz brand family.

Kraft Heinz isn't buying a Super Bowl commercial this year, but is hoping to catch the attention of the big game's massive audience with a proposal: Make the day after Super Bowl Sunday a national holiday.

"We are trying to rally people around the idea that the day after the big game should really be a day to celebrate", Kulwicki said. Pretty accurately, Heinz argues nobody works that day without harboring a grudge anyway, plus 16 million Americans call in sick like it is (so it's one of the year's worst days for absenteeism), and productivity actually plummets so badly, the nation loses $1 billion. "Enough with the madness", Heinz wrote on the petition.

If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the company says they will sent it to Congress for consideration.

It's a savvy bit of marketing by a firm with a well-earned reputation for cost-cutting that won't be airing a Super Bowl ad this year. In a bid to improve its margins following the 2015 merger of Heinz and Kraft, the double-barreled food giant reportedly shuttered factories and slashed thousands of jobs.

Kraft Heinz is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and its "Heinz Field".

  • Delores Daniels