Affordable Care Act offices are busy as enrollment deadline approaches

Tuesday is the last day of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act.

But Murphy fears may be premature - although last week President Trump signed the executive order to repeal the Affordable Care Act - Rabons says it will take about a year or two before things really get going.

Dozens are getting ready to rally outside the Old State Capitol in support of Obamacare.

It was unclear whether those 76,000 appointments mean that fewer people are actually signing up. "While we knew that ER use would probably be pretty high after a state expanded Medicaid, the popular theory was that it would taper off in a couple years".

Those numbers haven't been updated since Trump moved in to the White House on January 20, so it's unclear whether enrollments have picked up or slowed. The first is by heading to and follow the directions on the screen. That's because there's always a surge in enrollment during this time period.

As self-employed taxpayers who rely on the state-run exchange ("Your Health Idaho") to purchase health insurance for our family without employer benefits or direct government subsidies, we also have little faith that block grants to states, health savings accounts and/or tax credits for medical expenses will address the gap between politically motivated promises and the actual costs of health care.

For now, the looming question is the short-term impact of the Trump administration's anti-ACA rhetoric and the actions officials already have taken.

The number of participants in the program is seen as a barometer of its value to Americans.

The state insurance department says more than 80-thousand Mississippians are enrolled in Obamacare.

Stephanie Carlton, a consultant with McKinsey & Company and a former health policy adviser in the Senate who worked on Jeb Bush's presidential campaign, said that conservatives are still concerned about the rate of inflation in healthcare costs in the post-ACA healthcare landscape, though she did laud its efforts to reduce the uninsured rate. No ACA rules have been rewritten so far. "My hope is that the president can be a very important part in steering Republicans in the right direction".

Removing the individual mandate while requiring coverage for people with chronic conditions will cause problems, say health care analysts, insurers and even some Republicans. Sign-ups were running slightly ahead of a year ago as of earlier this month.

A replacement plan, Patient Freedom Act of 2017, proposed by four USA senators, including Sen.

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