Girl Scout cookies go on sale Saturday

Toffee-tastic? "As flavorless as dirt". Charlotte McCourt, 11, of South Orange, is a fierce cookie critic.

That friend happened to be tv personality, Mike Rowe, host of shows such as "Dirty Jobs".

Charlotte, a New Jersey sixth-grader, was dismayed that only two of the boxes she had sold were marked to be donated to USA military troops, so her father suggested she write a letter to a wealthy family friend who might be willing to donate a bunch.

Rowe read her letter on social media and she has since sold more than 16,000 boxes of cookies, including 7,765 boxes for troops.

Thursday, 150 scouts are expected to come out to help introduce the newest cookie flavor, Girl Scout S'mores, at Baxter Toyota La Vista.

Charlotte also described her flawless 10 as a box of cookies donated to the troops. Trefoils? "Kind of boring".

On the Do-Si-Dos, "is a peanut butter sandwich".

"As a venture capitalist, I would die if all entrepreneurs were so honest with the company's presentations they give me", Mendelson said. I give it a 9. See the original recipe below - what a long, sweet trip it's been from these original sugar cookies all the way to the s'mores versions of today. Thin Mints fared much better and were given a nine out of 10 "for the delectable chocolate-mint combination".

  • Audrey Hill