Egypt confirms Louvre attack suspect is Egyptian

A French soldier has opened fire on and wounded a man armed with a knife after he tried to enter the Louvre Museum in central Paris carrying a suitcase.

The soldier fired five shots and the suspect was seriously wounded in the incident, according to Cadot.

One soldier sustained a minor head injury in the attack near the entrance of the Carrousel du Louvre, an underground shopping mall, says Michel Cadot, head of Paris' police force.

The aggressor screamed "Allahu Akbar" during the attack and had a machete according to a police source who spoke to AFP. Though at the time of the attack there were at least 1,000 people inside the museum, authorities have safely evacuated the area.

The Interior Ministry tweeted after the attack that there was a "serious" public security situation at the Louvre.

Two rucksacks belonging to the suspect, who shouted "God is greatest" in Arabic, have been inspected but no explosives were found.

"In our country, we are lucky to be able to count on the security services, military and police", Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo told reporters.

He further added that the man looked aggressive and his comments lead us to believe that he wished to carry out a terrorist incident.

A second person was detained after they were spotted behaving suspiciously near the scene, the police chief said.

Molins told a press conference Friday the man had no identity papers on him when he was arrested after being shot down by the soldiers, but mobile phone data showed he had arrived in Paris on January 26 after acquiring a one-month tourist visa from the French embassy in Dubai.

France was put under a state of emergency following terror attacks that claimed hundreds of lives in Paris and Nice.

A total of 130 people were killed in Paris in the November 2015 attacks.

France is on high terror alert after a series of militant Islamist attacks that have left over 230 people dead in the past two years alone.

Among the 12 tweets, posted between 9.27am and 9.34am French time, was one stating: 'In the name of Allah. for our brothers in Syria and fighters across the world'.

  • Jon Douglas