Airlines ask Trump to modernize the air traffic control system

At Thursday's meeting, Trump did promise that the USA would invest in transportation infrastructure, improving the nation's airports and air traffic control system.

The president also criticized American airports, calling their equipment "bad".

U.S. airlines have repeatedly complained that three Persian Gulf-region carriers - Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad - benefit from government subsidies that give them more room to expand and compete in the U.S. The Gulf carriers, in turn, have repeatedly denied that claim.

The fund traded on volume of more than 51,000 shares, easily above its 30-day average of 37,000.

Airline and airport executives reacted positively afterwards to the meeting, but also indicated that no major decisions were made during the gathering, which they characterised as more of a general discussion about the industry. Kelly had to tell Trump that the airlines don't control the air traffic control system.

The meeting included CEOs from United Continental Holdings Inc (NYSE: UAL), Delta Air Lines, Inc.

By all accounts, the meeting was cordial, with Trump even praising Delta, whose CEO Ed Bastian was in attendance. With $50 billion in foreign government subsidies to Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, our US carriers are at a competitive disadvantage that is costing American jobs. The whole gang was there: the heads of American, Delta, Southwest... the other airlines. "Travel is very important to me".

During a briefing on February 7, however, White House press secretary Sean Spicer suggested the Trump administration is receptive to allowing the NAI permit.

This morning in the White House, Donald Trump met yet again with a group of intensely reviled amoralists whose only goal in life is to extract wealth and happiness from the American public: airline CEOs.

A recent inspector general report shows that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has struggled to implement its NextGen modernization program, which aims to establish a precise satellite-based surveillance system and digital data communications for air traffic controllers and pilots.

Citing the opinions of his own pilot, whom Trump noted was "a smart guy", the president said America's aviation infrastructure lagged way behind that of nations such as Japan and China. In a press meeting prior to the summit, Trump outlined his intention to improve the customer travel experiences saying, "We want the traveling public to have the greatest customer service and with an absolute minimum of delays". "We support keeping jobs here in America and we believe President Trump will his commitment to put American jobs first".

  • Audrey Hill