Facebook Is Helping This Woman Find Her Great-Great-Grandmother's Wedding Dress

Tess Newall on her wedding day wearing her great grandmother's 150 year old dress.

A woman has turned to Facebook after her family's beloved wedding dress, made by her great-great-grandmother in 1870, went missing at an Edinburgh dry cleaners.

Tess Newall, 29, of Morham, East Lothian, had worn the dress - belonging to her great-great grandmother - when she got married in June previous year. He checked what was left by the administrators (Wylie & Bisset) and found a crumpled heap of antique lace on the floor.

A recent Facebook post shared by Tess Newall about the loss of her dress was shared more than 300,000 times. The wedding gown was found months later after it got lost by the distressed bride with help from social media and the internet.

"Frustratingly - a representative of Wylie & Bisset who showed up after weeks of ignoring our pleas insisted that for "procedural reasons" he must take it back to his office in Glasgow, but assure us it will be delivered safely back to us on Monday..." "My family can't thank you all enough for creating this frenzy which allowed us into the shop before it was too late, and are over the moon to be *almost* reunited with Dora's dress", Newall wrote in an update.

"My parents received a phone call this afternoon from the landlord of the property where the dry cleaners are, whose nephew had read about the dress", she told BBC.

"In the basement he saw what he thought was a pile of old antique lace that when he pulled it out was the dress - it still had the ticket on with my parents' number". She then made a Facebook appeal to track the vintage gown.

It was shared more than 15,000 times in a matter of hours with people around the world promising to spread the word - after Tess said that "more family memories need to be woven into its threads".

The 29-year old got married to John Newall in the antique dress just like she had wished to. Later, she gave the dress for dry-cleaning to Kleen Cleaners in Edinburgh.

She said she still planned to have the dress cleaned, but at a place "where we can't let it out of our sight." she adds.

The dress would however not be returned to her as the dry cleaning company folded up shortly afterwards.

  • Jacqueline Ellis