Aldon Smith Questioned About Domestic Incident

Smith's comeback tour may have to remain on hold as the pass rusher, who missed all of last season due to suspension, is in the middle of another legal scuffle.

Oakland Raiders troubled outside linebacker Aldon Smith has been mentioned in a report by the San Francisco Police Department for an incident that occurred over the weekend, police confirmed Monday.

The specifics of what exactly happened are unknown.

Smith has been suspended since November 2016 for multiple violations of the NFL's police on substance abuse. Smith and a victim were in San Francisco at the time of the call, and each were interviewed for a police report.

Smith was expected to be reinstated in March, but another arrest would put that in jeopardy.

Shortly after that report, Smith went on Facebook live and to exclaim that he's back.

The Raiders are barred from contact with Smith while he remains on suspension.

The reason it's been so hard for Smith to get reinstated is because he has a prior history. National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell has complete power in regards to reinstatement, with no formal timetable to act. The arrest was his third DUI since entering the National Football League in 2011. He last played a full season in 2012 for the 49ers, and was selected to the Pro Bowl after making 66 tackles with 19.5 sacks in 16 games.

  • Angelo Rivera