HTC smartphone VR headset coming by end of the year

The company already launched one of the most popular VR headsets and it seems like HTC isn't settling at that. The headset is said to be available before the end of the year. The company's president, Chang Chia-lin, did detail that the display for the new VR headset would be built-in and that the fairly powerful U Ultra would only be used to render the graphics.

Taiwan-based smartphone brand HTC Corp.(宏達電) is planning to launch a mobile virtual reality device as a follow up to its HTC Vive VR headset that was released a year ago, a technology website reported Thursday.

HTC knows that in order to stay in business and go head-to-head with other big names in the industry it has to make some serious changes.

During the call, CEO Cher Wang said: "I am pleased with the overall performance over the past year, with innovation triumphing in all of our focus product areas. while we continue to enhance efficiencies across all key processes".

Speaking at an event in Singapore, he said "Vive is very top end, and in the coming months you'll see our plans in terms of mobility and VR, and it's not a phone slapped onto a headset".

HTC has posted net losses of NT$3.1 billion (US$100.49 million) or NT$3.77 per share for the fourth quarter of 2016.

With the latest announcements and poor figures in smartphone sales for 2016, HTC might just be admitting to transitioning into a VR company and renouncing its struggling smartphone business.

HTC is now working on a VR mobile solution that will be compatible with the company's latest flagship smartphone - the U Ultra. He further revealed that HTC is working on a new VR device.

Looking to offer an analog to the Gear VR headset and some of the emerging mobile virtual reality solutions, HTC has announced that it will introduce a mobile VR headset by the end of 2017.

  • Latoya Cobb