Brewery offers paid 'paw-ternity' leave for employees

A newborn puppy can be a full-time job, that's why beer maker BrewDog - a Scottish brewery set to open up an OH location later this year - now offers a week of paid leave for employees with new puppies or rescued dogs.

The Scotland-based brewery and pub operator, will also be the first company in the USA to offer its workers a week off to look after a new pet.

BrewDog, in an announcement made earlier this week, said the benefit will be offered to all of its almost 1,000 employees across the world, including those at its soon-to-be brewery near Columbus, Ohio, which is set to open in the spring.

On paw-ternity leave, you'll have time for lots of activities with your pet!

BrewDog is offering its staff a whole week's leave when they welcome a dog into their home. The company literally has "dog" in the name, and it already lets employees bring their dogs (both puppy and adult) into the work place.

BrewDog headquarters overseas host about 50 regular office dogs and most of its bars are dog-friendly too, the company said.

"We're not aware of any other American company giving a week's leave to their staff to help build the bond between them and their dog - but then few other companies have four-legged friends at their centre as we do", the company wrote.

"Here at BrewDog, we care about many things but have two main focuses about all others - our beer and our people", BrewDog writes on its website.

  • Jon Douglas