Tony Romo expects to be released by Cowboys

If I'm Washington I'm looking to move Cousins to San Fran by swapping first round picks, then inquiring about Romo.
One of those teams is the Dallas Cowboys who need to know what to do with their veteran quarterback who has now lost his job due to injury and a rookie signal-caller who surprised everyone.

The future of Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys is the most interesting story of the 2017 National Football League offseason. Per La Canfora, nothing has been decided on Romo's status in Dallas. If Romo goes to Denver and can play at his highest level, they all of a sudden fill the last void on the roster and become an extremely unsafe team. It benefits Romo to have this out there, he would love to have the freedom of choosing his next destination instead of having one forced on him.

On Thursday's edition of "Undisputed" on FS1, Nick Wright argued that if Tony Romo signed with the Denver Broncos or Houston Texans, both who have solid offenses to go along with top notch defenses, making them instant co-favorites in the AFC along with the New England Patriots.

We should get an idea of how confident the Broncos really are in their young quarterback by the amount of interest they show in Tony Romo this offseason if/when he gets released. "The four teams he's most interested in are Houston, Kansas City, Denver and Arizona".

Even if Romo ends up with a team on the Giants' schedule, the actual slate has not been set yet, and Romo's injury track record makes it far from a certainty he would be available when his hypothetical new team met the Giants. Perhaps another team will emerge as an unexpected suitor.

As you can see, a lot of what I like stems from his stats and that's because he's simply been a good quarterback for a while. Romo's age experience and talent makes him an ideal target for the Jets, but he'll have other options. Even if Cowboys owner Jerry Jones likes Romo and wants to do what's best for him, he's not turning down a draft pick to be charitable.

From Tony Romo's point of view, he is now in the best possible situation.

The Cowboys don't just want to rid themselves of Romo's deal, though.

  • Angelo Rivera