'Twin Peaks' Revival Posters Unveiled by Showtime

Incidentally, today, February 24, happens to be "Twin Peaks Day," aka the day Cooper first came to the horrifying little town that'd become known for its pies, coffee, corruption, incidents of sexual violence and murder, doorknob-people, and slobbering fanatical lumberjack spirits from hell. The network honored Agent Cooper's arrival in Twin Peaks by releasing two new posters from the upcoming revival, featuring two of the most important players at the heart of this mysterious neck of the Pacific Northwest: Laura Palmer, and Agent Cooper himself. Don't know what Twin Peaks Day is? The show has been doing an excellent job at keeping it extremely close to the vest with regards to plot.

Of course, there's the requisite edible nostalgia component - there'll be a cherry pie-serving Double R Diner pop-up shop.

The event takes place March 16 and 17 at the Showtime House at Clive Bar in Austin. David Lynch wrote and directed each episode with co-founder Mark Frost. Performers will include Neko Case, Real Estate, M. Ward, Agnes Obel, Holly Macve, Julie Byrne, Alex Cameron, Aldous Harding, Alexandra Savior, Cameron Avery and Annie Hart (of Au Revoir Simone), Tim Darcy, L.A. Salami and Let's Eat Grandma. Whether it will be damn fine pie and coffee remains to be seen but it will be free pie and coffee.

A two-day celebration of the series before its return. In its second week, on May 28, Twin Peaks will air the third and fourth installments back-to-back on Showtime, starting at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by single episodes in subsequent weeks.

  • Jacqueline Ellis