US President Donald Trump bashes media again at Conservative Conference

"Because you'd be in jail", Trump retorted. The end result, he explained, "you will see stories dry up like you've never been before". "They should put the name of the person", Trump stated.

"Donald Trump did not get a standing ovation".

In a statement after the closed briefing, Times executive editor Dean Baquet said the move was essentially unprecedented since the paper began covering administrations in the White House.

Well, apparently we won't read about it because it didn't happen.

"I've beaten many people and companies and I've won many wars", Trump said. Nobody will dare question our military might again. Trump's campaign has regularly said it will cost about $10 billion to make the wall, an estimate that was formed by the National Precast Concrete Association. "We've defended other nations' borders, while leaving our own undefended".

Trump discussed his plans for the country, including - of course - building the wall and bringing jobs back. Democrats will come to us and beg.

During his rant against the media, Trump noted the First Amendment gives people "the right to speak our minds freely", which is mostly true (unless it's hateful or false).

"Now you finally have a president, finally", President Donald Trump said Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland.

Mr Trump: America also said America will "get off welfare".

"They have no sources".

The president said his first major political speech was at CPAC, and he didn't attend the conference previous year, because he was anxious that his presence would be too controversial. "The story led directly to the general's dismissal as national security adviser".

And he leveled attacks again at his "enemy" - the media - and its "fake news". Therefore, he said, he had the "right to criticize fake news".

He even went ahead and named the media outlets, who he is upset with.

During his speech, he called his victory "a win for conservative values".

Trump tried to distinguish between "fake news" and real news during his lively Friday speech at CPAC.

"America today is missing quality leadership, and foreign countries have quickly realized this", he said six years ago. "I called them an enemy of the people because they are".

The AP quoted an anonymous White House official and CNN quoted "U.S. officials" in their accounts.

It's unclear who exactly handed out the flags or whether they were distributed in support or protest of the Republican President - though several online reports suggest the flags were a prank.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway was also part of the program.

But he soon turned to the accomplishments of his administration during his first month in office and worked to show that he is remaking American conservatism in his image.

  • Essie Rivera