Nokia goes back to the future with 49 euro 3310 mobile phone

The new Nokia 3310 is expected to adopt a slightly larger, colored panel compared to the monochrome display on the original version. The masses will go insane over the return of the nostalgia-packed phone, but comparisons to original Nokia 3310 will soon be drawn.

The new phones are not manufactured and sold by Nokia but by HMD Global, another Finnish company, which has licensed the Nokia brand.

It also has a brand-new colour version of the iconic mobile game Snake.

The Nokia 5 was unveiled today at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain.

This is Nokia's move to bring back nostalgia to the old fans while stepping into the new era.

Put up against the Lenovo Moto G4 and Vodafone Smart Prime 7, the Nokia 3 has some stiff competition, as the G4 offers a 1080p screen and the Pime 7 can be found for £75. You will have the option to choose from red and yellow, which have an overall glossy finish or dark blue and grey with a matte finish.

To be fair, all the devices (even the non-aluminum Nokia 3, which has a polycarbonate back) look more premium than the spec sheet suggests, and seeing the Nokia name on them feels nice. It reportedly won't run Android and will be marketed as a feature phone. The phone also leverages Nokia's strength in optics, there is a 13MP camera module on the back of the phone which features a Carl Zeiss lens and an 8MP camera on the front that features a wide angle.

Nokia 5 also has an impressive feature with spotting the design as the only difference to Nokia 6.

The Nokia 6 finally heads out of China and into the global arena. The Nokia 3 is available in early March and has a SIM-free price of £119.

The new 3310 supports microSD storage of up to 32GB and can play MP3s, and the 2.4-inch QVGA screen is protected by a curved polarized window for improved readability in sunlight.

Here's the most awaited phone of all.

Apart from this, the weight of the device has also been reduced significantly, with the new Nokia 3310 being far lighter than its classic counterpart. It will cost 139 euros ($147) at launch. After all, the new Nokia 3310 is, if any, created to be a backup phone that would be used beside a full-fledged smartphone.

Priced at €49 (£41) the phone has a release date set for the second quarter of 2017.

  • Jon Douglas