Democrats And Republicans Want Russia Probe - Without Jeff Sessions

Issa said an investigation might not reveal any fault on the part of Trump's associates, but a special prosecutor is needed given the growing awareness of the dangers posed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He again referred to Rep. Nunes, who claimed that reports about Spicer coordinating a press campaign to counter reports of contact between Trump and the Russians were simply attempts by the administration to be "transparent". "Typically, you go through a congressional oversight review".

Critics argue that Sessions, a top adviser to President Trump during his 2016 campaign, should remove himself from any investigations into Russia's role in the election.

Stephanopoulos responded, "I'll just say that for the record and I'll take your answer to say you don't believe that the attorney general needs to recuse right now".

"You are going to need the special prosecutor's statue and office". United States intelligence analysts have concluded that Russian Federation attempted to help Mr. Trump win the election by discrediting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and her party by stealing emails from the Democratic National Committee, an allegation that Moscow has denied.

"They came to us, they approached us for putting that story out there", said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, speaking on ABC's This Week.

"The president, I think, makes statements (and) on other occasions contradicts himself". You called during your campaign against Mike Prior you called for a special prosecutor for the IRS. He said it would be inappropriate for someone connected to President Trump's campaign to lead an investigation.

Spicer demanded, "I guess my question would be, 'A Special Prosecutor for what?' We've heard reports for six months and nothing has come of it..."

"I wouldn't really want a special investigator if all we're hearing is gossip in the media and nobody's presented any proof that there have been connections or that any law has been broken for that matter", the 2016 GOP presidential candidate added".

"The scoping of our investigation" is finished" Nunes said on Capitol Hill Monday, but committee lawyers have yet "to move into actually receiving the evidence'.

Warner spoke after Washington Post reports that committee chairman Richard Burr, a North Carolina Republican, had challenged media accounts of the contacts between Russian Federation and associates of Trump at the request of the White House.

  • Jon Douglas