Law professors push for disbarment, sanctions against Kellyanne Conway

Many on social media also remarked on Conway's body language stating that her demeanour suggested that she was not taking Monday's meeting seriously.

"Liberals are losing their mind because Kellyanne Conway is kneeling on a couch and 'not treating furniture with respect.' Give me a break!", tweeted Jack Murphy.

But yesterday, Conway was the physical embodiment of wrong when a group of historically black college and university presidents visited the White House. Conway's behavior during such a significant moment has been branded as lacking in taste and disrespectful to the visitors whose presence she was in.

Another commented: "To be fair we shouldn't expect people born in barn to know any better".

The image was immediately decried as a show of disrespect toward Trump's assembled guests, and even to the office itself.

Amusing thing though. Kenneth tells us Bush ran a tight ship when it came to visitors in his Oval Office - blue jeans, and suit jacket required.

Donald Trump's senior adviser Kellyanne Conway in the White House.

A lot of folks, including some regular Conway critics on the left say the debate over whether she should have her feet on the Oval Office couch is way overblown ... if not stupid. To be clear, it wasn't the most dignified pose Conway could have been photographed in, but libs chose to focus on that instead of the fact that President Trump was reaching to African-American leaders.

But other users showed photos of former President Barack Obama resting his feet on the office's Resolute desk during his eight years in office.

This isn't the first time Conway has come under fire.

Conway, who has been in the national spotlight for her comments on Ivanka's clothing line and the non-existent "Bowling Green massacre," has yet to comment on the matter.

  • Audrey Hill