Google Announces Playable Ads for Android Games and Play Store Updates

There are some new features on Android and on Google Play that will help both the customer and the developers. This is in order to make it more obvious to consumers when a game or app is on sale, instead of having to rely on a developer posting it in the game's description. This will likely increase the amount of times the consumer visits the Google Play Store, since developers will be running promotions and sales often for different games and genres.

46% of the surveyed said that they played mobile games for more than 15 hours a week of which 56% were male, the report said. It also said that Pokemon GO has emerged as the third largest game when accounted for total game spend across iOS and Google Play in 2016, generating about $950 million in direct spending despite being available for only half the year. The Play Store has an Indie Corner - a gallery, which highlights the best and most innovative titles from small studios - the smart little games that usually get drowned out by the popular product of a big developer. By using those tools, the developers can check their game's performance, and how its promotion is going on. Nevertheless, at least we now can enjoy proper discounts on apps that some may be hesitant to buy at full price (I'm looking at you, Leo's Fortune).

Lastly AdMob is announcing they're bringing Google's video app install advertising demand from AdWords to AdMob.

Pages will be organized around different themes, and should help users get a better sense of what titles they might not have heard of are all about.

Google at its annual Google Developer Day at the Game Developers Conference announced the new updates to its Google Play.

Google is known to make all sorts of changes where it sees fit, so that its users can be satisfied. Play Store already has millions of games wherein it is hard to find the specific game required by the user. We won't know for some time, but Moledina is confident in Google taking the right approach with its latest improvements.

  • Essie Rivera